What and who is Systematic Sound?

Systematic Sound is an independent sound effects label founded in 2020 by Daniel Meuser.

He records, designs and implements world class sound effects for all kind of media formats with a specialization in interactive sound design for games, apps, interfaces and installations.

His mission is to capture the most engaging and impressive sounds to help clients create the most immersive and exciting projects. He wants to help audio editors, freelance sound designers, filmmakers, game studios and media professionals to get inspiration and realize their vision with his sound effects.

About Daniels work:

Daniel is a graduated Sound Designer and Field Recordist from Germany, who completed his Bachelor in Sound and Music Production at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in 2017. He has a passion for interactive creative sound design and complex field recordings. He has worked in the areas of game audio, library creation, advertising, broadcast and film.

His influences range from Pierre Schaeffer’s early Musique Concrète to the 8-bit chip tune sounds in retro video games, the powerful sound of electronic dance music and the hyper-realistic sound of Hollywood films. He also knows that great sounds can be found even in our daily lives. R. Murray Schaeffer’s principles of Acoustic Ecology sparked his passion for field recording and led him to the conclusion that he wanted to be a better listener and not want to distinguish one sound from another. And finally, Bernie Krause and Gordon Hempton showed him the wonderful world of Biophony and the sounds of nature, which are becoming increasingly rare.

Systematic Sound has been part of the Soundly Pro Library since 2020. In the same year, he was invited to join the Artlist.IO platform, on which he was thrilled to create some exclusive sound effects libraries.

In 2019 Daniel has been working for BOOM Library and Dynamedion as a Field Recordist and Sound Designer where he was involved in creating sound libraries as well as audio assets for external clients.

In 2018 he mainly worked on various short and feature films. He wrote articles about his work as a Field Recordist for microphone manufacturers like Lewitt Microfones, Austria. He also worked in the field of acoustic ecology as a contributor to The Global Composition 2018 conference.

In 2017 Daniel was mainly active in the field of interactive game audio design, where he was involved in the production of Crytek’s game “Hunt: Showdown”, which won the German Developer Award for best audio in 2018.

For more info visit: http://www.danielmeuser.com