Audio Gear

Surround Sound Editing And Mixing Suite

Systematic Sound Studios is a full service outsourcing recording studio from Mainz, Germany. We offer a modern audio editing suite, experience and an exquisite selection of analog technology and instruments.


My 5.1 surround sound suite is a versatile environment for sound design, editorial and mixing of any project. Top-notch components from RME and Dynaudio ensure consistent broadcast grade quality throughout the hole production process. My collection of hardware synthesizers, VIs, microphones and creative audio tools allow me to work creatively in all directions without losing efficiency.

Digital Audio Workstation

  • Main DAW: PC, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor 3.90 GHz, 64 GB Ram, 8 TB 16xPCIe Raid, 2 TB M2 SSD, HDD, 8 TB SSD HDD Samples.
  • Nuendo 12, Avid Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Backup: Mac Pro 20112
  • 32 GB NAS
  • RME Fireface 800
  • TC-Electronic Powercore 6000

Speakers & Outboard Gear

  • UAD LA-610 Mk II
  • Eventide Timefactor
  • ProCo Turbo Rat
  • EHX Big Muff Deluxe
  • EHX Electronic Mistress Deluxe
  • 2x Dnyaudio BM 12A
  • 3x Dynaudio BM 6A III
  • 1X Dynaudio BM14S
  • 1x Sennheiser HD-25 Plus
  • Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro
  • Beyerdynamic DT 700

Keyboards And Synthesizers

  • Akai MKP 49
  • Arturia Beatstep Pro
  • Novation Remote Zero SL
  • Studio Electronic SE1X
  • DSI Prophet 08 PE
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Yamaha DX7 II FD
  • Korg Microkorg
  • Roland System 1
  • Roland TR-8
  • Korg Volca Beats
  • Cyclone Bass-Bot TT-303
  • Korg-Poly-800 (Mod)
  • NI Machine MK1

Production Sound Equipment List

With my selection of microphones, I am able to produce high-quality audio content both in the studio and outdoors.

We offer a unique set of special microphones (high-frequency microphones, 3D audio microphones, contact microphones, underwater microphones, and microphones for magnetic listening), that will let you explore a wide range of advanced and creative recording techniques that you will not find elsewhere.

  • 2x Sennheiser MKH 8040
  • 5x Sennheiser MKH 8020
  • 1x Sennheiser MKH 30
  • 2x Sennheiser MKH 8060
  • 1x Sennheiser MKH 8050
  • 1x Sennheiser MKH 8070
  • 1x Sennheiser MD 21
  • 1x Schoeps CMC 641 XT
  • 1x Shure SM7B
  • 2x Lewitt LCT 540s
  • 1x Lom Usi Pro Stereo Set
  • 1x Lom Elektrosluch Mini City
  • 1x Lom Geophone
  • 2x JrF C-Series Contact Mics
  • 1x Aquarian Audio H2A-XLR Hydrophone
  • 1x Telinga Modular
  • 1x DPA 4060 Stereo Set
  • 2x Sennheiser MKE2-EW Gold
  • 2x Earworm Audio Lavalieres (Primo 172 capsules)
  • 1x Sound Devices MixPre 10 II
  • 2x Zoom F3
  • 2x Sennheiser AXV
  • 1x DMS3DS 3D-Audio Recording System
  • 1x Rycote Stereo WS AE ORTF Kit MZL
  • 1x Rycote Modular Windshield WS 8J Kit
  • 2x Rode Blimp MkII (Modded)
  • 1x Cinela PIANI-3-MKH-DMS
  • 6x DME-Blimp 01xs
  • 3x Tentacle Sync-E Set (with various Accessories)

Audio Software & Plugnis

Choosing the right tool is crucial to get the job done effectively.

For this reason, I use Nuendo and Pro Tools as my main DAW`s for audio editing, mixing and sound design.

There are plenty of audio plugins out there. I use a palette of plugins that ensure high audio quality and combine a unique feature set and a reliable workflow.

  • Waves Diamond
  • Fab Filter Pro Bundle, Saturn 2, Volcano 3
  • Plugin Alliance (Various)
  • Melda Production (Various)
  • Sonnox Elite
  • Native Instruments
  • Softube (Various)
  • Zynaptiq (Various)
  • Vahalla DSP
  • iZotope
  • and many more…