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Making Of Story

Making Of Story

How to set up a clean multichannel firework sound effects recording session?

What is Systematic Sound?

Systematic Sound is a independent label for professional sound libraries. We create  professional high-quality sound effects and musical design elements for your audio project.

Who is Systematic Sound for?

Anyone who needs royalty free sound effects. Our clientele includes everyone from freelance sound designers, movie studios, game development studios, to community theater directors or app creators.

Do you offer telephone support?

Unfortunately we can’t provide telephone support. We are a small independent sound effects label and have to focus our resources in creating awesome sound effects for you. If you have any further questions that aren’t covered here in the FAQ, feel free to contact us at: support@systematic-sound.com

How do I open .zip files?

You need software to unpack a compressed .zip archive. For Windows users I recommend using 7-Zip . For Mac-OS users I recommend The Unarchiver . Large libraries are divided into several parts. You have to un-zip each part accordingly. I have decided against the usage of segmented .zip files to make delivery more robust and minimize issues when downloading.

Im trying to buy a sound pack, my my credit card keeps getting rejected.

There are some known problems with certain cards and we’re working hard to solve them. In the meanwhile, please try using a different card or use Paypal. Alternatively, email us at support@systematic-sound.com and we can send you an invoice to be paid via wire.

Who is the VAT field for?

The VAT field only applies to EU companies that are VAT registered and have an EU VAT number. Once a valid number has been entered, the applied tax may be removed according to regulations about intra-community transactions. The VAT field should be left blank for anyone outside the European Union (companies and consumers) and also should be left blank for EU consumers and individuals (that are not VAT registered companies).

Single vs. Multiuser Licences

Sound Packs are licensed to be used on not more than 2 workstations simultaneously. Whenever there are more than 2 users (in your company) that need access to the sounds, then a multi-user license will be required. A multi-user license at a discounted rate by filling out this form here

Do I have to register a user account?

You can do any purchase without an account. Once a purchase has been completed you will be redirected to a page that confirms your transaction and that gives you a list of download links for the current purchase. Additionally you will receive an email that also contains links to your downloads as well as a pdf-invoice. Nevertheless we recommend to create a personal account as this gives you the possibility to keep track of your purchases and re-download them if necessary. If you create the account at a later point with an email address that was already used for your purchases then this email address will be assigned to your purchase history. You then will be sent a verification link upon registration.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Systematic Sound stores no customer payment information. All transactions are processed directly on PayPal or Stripe’s secure servers. Your connection with the Systematic Sound website is also fully encrypted with a SHA-256 SSL certificate.

How do I create an user account?

You can create your personal account prior to any purchase but it is also possible to do it during checkout. In both cases you are requested to fill in some fields that ask for your email, name, address etc. We have reduced the number of fields as far as possible, those that are still marked mandatory are required by legal regulations.
If you have already decided to create an account you can do it here.

What is cart saving?

There´s a cart saving button on the checkout page available. Whenever a transaction is not entirely processed or you need a moment to think about your purchase decision you can save the current state of your cart and leave the site. When you come back at a later time you can then easily restore your previous cart from an additional link at the checkout page. However, a personal user account is required to use this feature! So don´t hesitate and activate your account.

Are the sound royalty free?

Yes, absolutely. You can use them in any commercial or non-commercial application (movies, music, theater, video games, etc). However, you cannot sell CDs with these sounds or re-sell them online as they are, but only as a part of your music, film, website, installation etc. You can read the full license here.

Can I use these sounds in a commercial project?

Yes. Any commercial use in a synchronized media: Film, TV-format, radio-format, web application, games, etc. is clearly permitted under our license. The only use that is not allowed is the commercial distribution (re-selling) of the sounds “as they are” on CDs, websites, etc.

How can I be certain that the sounds are legal?

All sounds are originally recorded and exclusively created by professional sound designers for Systematic Sound. Our sounds are checked daily by members of the community that can inform us of any copyright infringement.

Do I need to credit Systematic Sound when I use the sounds in my project?

No! Crediting us or the sound creator is not necessary but if you want to do it voluntarily, that’s always appreciated!

Do you offer academic discounts?

Yes! Please check of eligibility and fill out the form here


Do you need custom sounds for your audio project and can’t find it in the Systematic Sound catalog? You can ask me to look into my personal backlog catalog for an nonexclusive/exclusive licensing option.

I`m also available for custom field recording productions. The sounds recorded on location can be sold under exclusive and nonexclusive license to the client. I’m available for field recording productions inside and outside of Europe. Please have in mind that custom field recording productions consist of travel expenses plus a daily production quote. Total cost will vary depending on travel expenses and rarely and complexity of the recorded subject.

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