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Designing wing sounds for flying creatures can sometimes be a challenge. And when it comes to creature sounds, it’s all about options. A small bird like a wren sounds very different than an adult gray goose. To find the right texture, and distinguish between wide and narrow wings, or to accomplish the task of designing bat or dragon wings, I created this library. In the first part of “Wings In Motion” I limited myself completely to Foley sounds, which was a very interesting journey.

This library contains over 11GB of data consisting of 341 files and 2539 sound effects. Besides the typical fabric wing flaps, I used all sorts of props sorted by materials like rubber, neoprene, plastic, paper, etc. This opens the door to new creative sound design options to make your flying creature sound exactly how you want it to. I added all sorts of buzzing, clicking and rustling sounds especially for the flying insects.

The recordings are mostly structured as follows: individual wing beats/wing beats in two intensities; hard and soft. Then I added continuous wing beats, again in soft and hard intensity. Additionally, I added articulation for takeoff, flybys, and landings. The rich and accurate metadata ensures you find the sounds you’re looking for. It describes the prop used, the performance and names a suggested use case and tonal characteristics of the sounds.

All sounds were recorded at 192kHz/24bit in MS using high-frequency microphones (Sennheiser MKH 8050-30) to ensure the highest fidelity and flexibility for pitch manipulation in post. I chose to record in stereo MS because the files can be decoded to native MS afterwards, ensuring 100% mono compatibility. From planning to productiont, great care has been taken to ensure that this product that retains its value, sounds great and is fun to use.

Product Specs:Sound Themes - Wings In Motion 01
Audio Files / Sounds:341 Files / 2539 Sounds
File Size:11.5 GB
Minutes of audio provided:152 Minutes
Sample Rate / Bit Rate:192 kHz / 24 bit
Sounds loop:No
Documentation: Metadata sheets are delivered in four different formats for your convenience:- STWingsInMotion01.txt (tab-stop separated text document to open and edit the metadata in an external programs like Excel or import as a new database into Soundminer or Basehead).
- STWingsInMotion01.xls, SON_Flowing_Water_01_V1.1.xlsx (Excel, Win & OSX).
- STWingsInMotion01.numbers (Numbers, OSX).
- STWingsInMotion01.csv (CSV UTF-8, for further compatibility).
Additional Notes:Your download package contains all audio files in lossless .wav-format and a docs-folder with the metadata sheets, a EULA and the readme file.

This Product follows the USC standard. All metadata and file naming has been changed regarding that standard. Filenames are build of CatID_FXname_VendorID_LibraryID.
If possible, all sounds are been sorted by the new CatID conventions. A VendorCatID is only used if further differentiation is required. The newly added UserCatID is an iXML-field, that can be used by each customer.
Version History: 1.0 - Initial release.
Library ID:SYSO021

Abundant organic recordings to give you the texture to design any flying creature you can imagine:

The precise and abundant metadata suggests sounds to be used for small, medium and large birds as well as small, medium and large creatures. Two types of sweeteners are included (whooshes and swishes). Additionally, you’ll find buzzing, rustling and clicking sounds suited for insect wing design.

Precise And Universally Compatible Metadata Following The USC-Standard.

Audio metadata can be viewed using some audio programs and database tools. This makes it much easier to find and manage sound effects.  We use a professional standard of metadata so that every user gets the maximum benefit from it.

Different Intensities, motions and layer elements to provide you with the flexibility you need in your design:

Metadata Sheet


Additional information


Stereo 2.0, Native DMS & Surround 5.0


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