General Ambience Series – Urban City 01



The GENERAL AMBIENCE SERIES: A modular approach to the ambitious project become one of the largest and most versatile ambience sound effects libraries on the marked. High quality, detail, versatility and diversity will set this library apart from other products. You can expect monthly releases of small ambience packs in the future to keep the quality standards high and constantly grow the library over time.

This Urban City Ambience Sound Effects Library is part of the General Ambience Series by Systematic Sound. Urban City 01 features a great variety of modern urban city ambiences for soundscape design. The selected ambiences are a good and solid representation of busy modern city life. The sounds where recorded in various alleys, marketplaces, rooftops, busy street corners, city parks, squares, train stations, etc. You will hear typical down town traffic noises (cars, bikes, trucks, airplanes, boats, trains & trams), sirens, car honks & car slaps, bicycles passing, etc.. You will hear a lot of pedestrian activity as well as church bells, construction din, hum from ventilation systems and different types of Walla in the background.

Product Specs:General Ambience Series - Urban City 01 (Version 1.3)
File Size:10.1 GB
Audio Files:54
Minutes of audio provided:288 min
Sample Rate / Bit Rate:96 kHz / 24 bit
Sounds loop:No
Documentation: Metadata sheets are delivered in four different formats for your convenience:- GAS_Urban_City_01_V1.3.txt (tab-stopp separated text document to open and edit the metadata in an external programs like Excel or import as a new database into Soundminer or Basehead).
- GAS_Urban_City_01_V1.3.xls, GAS_Urban_City_01_V1.3.xlsx (Excel, Win & OSX).
- GAS_Urban_City_01_V1.3.numbers (Numbers, OSX).
- GAS_Urban_City_01_V1.3.csv (CSV UTF-8, for further compatibility).
Additional Notes:Your download package contains all audio files in lossless .wav-format and a docs-folder with the metadata sheets, a EULA and the readme file.

V1.1 Products are UCS compatible. All metadata and file naming has been changed regarding that standard. Filenames are build of CatID_FXname_VendorID_LibraryID.
If possible, all sounds are been sorted by the new CatID conventions. A VendorCatID is only used if further differentiation is required. The newly added UserCatID is an iXML-field, that can be used by each customer.
Version History:1.0 - Initial release.

1.1 - Added Universal Category System compatibility.

1.2 - Added new audio files:
Busy Street Traffic Construction Din Pedestrians
Busy Street Traffic Roar Cars Passing 01
Busy Street Traffic Roar Cars Passing 02
Children Playground Screaming Pedestrians Traffic Rumble
Construction Site Close Up 01
Construction Site Close Up 02
Construction Site Spacious
Distant City Air Tone Traffic Roar Faint Trains
Traffic Roar Cars Trains Passing Cobblestone 01
Traffic Roar Cars Trains Passing Cobblestone 02
Traffic Roar Cars Trains Passing Cobblestone 03
Tunnel Traffic Roar Car Slaps Train Rumble

1.3 - Added new audio files:
Backyard After Rain Water Dripping Dry Thunder
Backyard Alleyway Hum Birdsong
Backyard Dry Thunder Claps
Backyard Fountains Rain Thunder Growl Walla
Backyard Wet Sirens Traffic
Library ID:SYSO002

Metadata Sheet



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