Portfolio Interactive Media – Cinematic Re-Design: Various SFX-Types

Portfolio Interactive Media – Cinematic Re-Design: Various SFX-Types

This is a cinematic redesign portfolio piece by Daniel Meuser. I wanted to demonstrate my design approach to different categories of sound effects and ambiances. I used mainly synthesized source sounds or own samples from my private collection/sounds I produced under my label for that reason. I wanted to go all the way: From Recording and editing the source material to designing and mixing/mastering the final sound effect. You will see short scenes of different Animations/PC-Games that I used for that reason.

Each design had a 24h deadline.

Sci-Fi Weapons

I tried to emulate 3 iconic weapons from the Halo franchise: A small Hand Blaster, the “Needler” and a heavy assault rifle gun. I Used Phase plant, Serum and Radium to create the source files and mixed the session in Nunedo 12.

Magic Spells

I tried to get the aesthetics and timing of the spell right without missing out all the details in the scene. I used Soundminer, Radium and Nuendo 11 for this design.

Creature Sounds

First I analyzed the type of creature: Man sized, powerful but intelligent Alien type of creature that can walk on two legs and use its hands like a human. I wanted to accentuate the movement of the tentacles with a dangerous snarling. I tried to design the scream at the end as homogeneous as possible, but could have done a better job in retrospective. Likewise, I used Soundminer, Radium and Nuendo 11 for this design.


Designing the sound of detailed environments full of life and getting the acoustic perspectives right can be challenging. I used certain key sounds like wind or certain bird calls to make the listening experience as realistic as possible.

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  • Client None
  • Date January 12, 2023
  • Tags Audio Direction, Cinematic Re-Design, Sound Design

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